Thing one: start a blog and explain why you are taking part in 23 things

Hello, my name is Henry and I’m currently working as a graduate trainee in a university library. I have had this blog for over a year now but this is my first post.

Why 23 things?

I already do some of the things on the cpd23 list. However, most of the things I do are passive consumption rather than active creation – I read blogs but don’t write them, follow but don’t tweet etc. I’m hoping that taking part in cpd23 will, if nothing else, give me an incentive to blog and become more active. (I’m already behind with 23 things, so perhaps this hasn’t worked as well as I hoped, but hey what’s a few weeks compared to a whole year?)

As a grad trainee, I also want to learn more about the library/information profession and the people in it. I’m looking forward to commenting and introducing myself to the library blogosphere. So far I’ve been lurking in the shadows and I’d like to change that because the people whose blogs I have read (and probably lots of those whose blogs I haven’t read) have lots of exciting things to say, and generally seem like a friendly, interesting bunch.

I’m also hoping to get into the habit of doing reflective practice. I have a rather ambivalent relationship with reflective practice. On the one hand, I love reflective practice; I think it’s really important to reflect on what you do, how you do it, whether it worked and how to improve. I really think that it’s important. On the other hand though, reflective practice is hard; you don’t just have to think about the things you’re great at, you’ve got to think about the things that aren’t so great, and then – here’s the hard part – you’ve actually got to change them. Idle reflection is easy; reflective practice isn’t.

Great! So that’s my first post out of the way. Hopefully the next one will come more easily!